I have always been an animal lover, would feed the ceramic animal at the department stores used for decoration. At the same time I wanted to get a huge field and adopt every dog and cat so we could all live in harmony.  

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I have been an animal lover my whole life. I’ve had 6 dogs, 8 cats, several hedgehogs, a hamster, two guinea pigs and even a parakeet. I have fed strays.  An abandoned kitty touched my heart to an extent I would have never believe possible. I had him 17 years and he has my heart still. I do this for him and all the other strays who have nowhere to go. I am proud to be part of an amazing adventure to save many others and touch lives in a positive way. I believe God made all creatures and we should do what we can to be kind to all – man and animal alike.
Elizabeth Maertz has always been a dog lover.  As a child she was told “As soon as soon as she moved out the house she could have all the pets she wanted”.  While working at a pet store she did manage to sneak in a Cockatiel and Meyer’s parrot; also hundreds of fish and an iguana.  When she got married and moved out she got 3 Great Danes two of which were rescues. When those three came to the Rainbow Bridge she bought another Great Dane and rescued three more.  In 2008 she was gifted a Dachshund, positive it would never work, “Squirrel”, the Dachshund proved her wrong at every turn. In 2009 she bought Squirrel’s brother and named him Moose.  The two clowns filled out the family nicely. In 2011 she was suckered into adopting two more Danes from a shelter.  One of which was sent to a woman in Ohio who would use the dog as a therapy dog.  The second Dane, Moose 2 fit right in. Elizabeth decided she didn’t have enough dogs so her sneaky shelter friend suckered her into taking one more dog.  Dudley is a Catahoula Shepherd and couldn’t have been a better addition.  When introduced to the family she got the two lazy dogs to run around and play. They are “fighting” as we speak, Squirrel faithfully protecting Moose2, the Dane, from Dudley, the vicious.  As much as all of these animals were often frustrating and messy, Elizabeth wouldn’t have it any other way. They have all been blessings in their own way.

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